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- I am a doctor in my home country, and would like a Doctor job in Australia - what can I do?
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Doctor Job Australia

Welcome to Doctor Job Australia, we specialize in placing medical doctors in full time jobs in family practicies to work as general practitioners in Australia. Currently we have jobs for doctors available in the popular tourist destination, the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

Qualified doctors who have 3 or more years experience in a wide range of fields / specialties especially General Practice may be eligible to apply for a position as a General Practitioner in family practice.

Get paid for your job on the Gold Coast, Australia as a Doctor.

The Gold Coast is Australia's most popular tourist destination, famous for it's white sandy beaches and other tourist attractions such as theme parks, food and world class shopping great schools.

The Gold Coast is an fantastic destination for any tourist, and an even more fantastic destination for doctors looking jobs in this great part of the world.

Enquire about a job in Australia as a Medical Doctor.

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I am a doctor in my home country, and would like a doctor job in Australia - what can I do ?
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